November 27, 2018

16 Bad Habits Writers Have

I, (host Rebecca Galardo) and Author/Teacher Holly Lisle took to asking a question of our listeners in the AIARWIP forums at HollysWritingClasses:

"What is/are your worst bad habit/s?"

Bad habits differ greatly but the common denominator is that they all lead to results that are not ideal for writing: mostly leading to NOT writing.  

For all 16 of the mentioned bad habits - ranging from listening to your Muse's every idea to never finishing, to not being firm about a writing habit - Holly and I provide our experiences and tips for getting past the habit and back to the writing.

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I, (host Rebecca Galardo) and Author/Teacher Holly Lisle answer one of the most common questions that creatives ask over and over. It's the fear many of us have: What if I don't have the talent to pursue my dreams?  Society tells us that creatives are born not made.  Well, we disagree.  Holly and I cover the following:

Does talent matter?

Why having none gives you the advantage.

And what you can do if you're starting from scratch with zero skills.

This is a very important topic.  As you grow your skills and people begin to look at your work and compare their lower-level stuff to it, you'll hear the same thing: "I just have no talent."  

And then you can help a future author out too.

This week I, (host Rebecca Galardo), discuss research with Author and Teacher Holly Lisle. This was a highly requested topic from our listeners.  We discuss the temptations of research, when it can be avoided - at least temporarily - how to define and deal with research that MUST be done to continue writing, what time-shifting is, what Spies are, how to 'Feast then Fast' and more.

Research is every writer's best friend... and worst enemy!  Learn how we as writers can take control and learn to tame the beast.

How to Write Fiction: What motivates you with your fiction?  If you don't know, how can you find it?

This week I, (host Rebecca Galardo), discuss motivation with Author and Teacher Holly Lisle.  In 'What Motivates You to Write Fiction' we get very personal. We covered this most important topic because all of us struggle with motivation and plaguing questions about what to write.  We discuss passions, vulnerabilities and putting YOU on the page.  

This episode can help you find the power inside of you to stick through the tough times - in life and writing - and keep creating. Holly provides a very clear set of questions for yourself and actions that can help guide you through figuring out what it is that motivates YOU and how to keep that drive to get your butt in the chair and get those words.

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