August 20, 2019

Fiction Writer Money Talks: Paid Markets VS Free Markets

How to Write Fiction: Where to publish and why?  Writers worry about pay, sure, but sometimes there is more value in a smaller, non-paying market.  How can this be?

Answering another question by a listener, Author and Fiction Writing Teacher Holly Lisle gives us the breakdown in today's episode - and it's a big one.  You as a writer need to know the values of both paying and free markets.  They're not always what you'd expect.  There is genuine value in smaller markets that cannot even pay with copies.  And there are huge drawbacks to the big paying markets.

So join us in this episode and find out what all there is as well as how to stay safe: the things to look for in contracts, how to spot scams and how to make sure the market you're looking at is as good as it seems.

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