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How to Brainstorm Ideas from Scratch - A Workshop

March 26, 2019

Staring at the blank page can be scary, frustrating and it's easy to walk away from writing to do anything that seems easier.  Dishes, video games, an entire spring cleaning, taking apart an engine...  Who knows.  

Brainstorming ideas can be fun, invigorating and inspiring!  And you don't have to "wait for inspiration" or the "perfect mood" to hit.  You can put yourself in that mood very easily.

So follow along with Holly and me as we go through 6 of 10 prompts, doing two ideas each from scratch for these prompts and always making sure to cover what Holly refers to as the Four P's.  We'd love for you to join us in the forums and share some of your odd, fun, funky, beautiful, heartbreaking or cheerful story ideas!

After the episode: Have something to say? A question to ask? Jump into the FREE forums at (no purchase or ownership of courses necessary) and share with us. 

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