December 10, 2019

How to Expand Your Story Idea: Flash, Short Story and Novel Examples

How to Write Fiction: How to Build onto Existing Stories and Ideas with examples!

Do you have an idea you love, but it's not really long enough for the word count you or a publisher wants?  Or did you start writing a novel to find you've only got the meat for a short story?

Join Author and Teacher Holly Lisle and myself (host, Rebecca Galardo) as we both build from a single prompt.  Holly creates live while I built mine  the night before the recording the episode.  Holly creates three different ideas (a flash fiction storyline, a short fiction story line and what could be a novel or series storyline) while I take the same idea from the one prompt and add bits and pieces to it to create all three length storylines required.

Added request: If possible, come up with your own work and share with us in the forums.  We love to see what you guys come up with.

Join us in this week’s episode and if you have a question for us join us in the forums at and get to typing!

After the episode: Have something to say? A question to ask? Jump into the FREE forums at (no purchase or ownership of courses necessary) and share with us.

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