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Taming the Wild Middle - How to Prevent (Plot) Explosions

June 18, 2019

Taming the Wild Middle - How to Prevent (Plot) Explosions

Okay, so we listened to a good portion of our audience when they downloaded the episode 'How to Write Middles for Fiction' and then said - I HAVE THE OPPOSITE PROBLEM!

So what happens when ideas are coming at you from every angle?  What is PACTS and how can it help you tame the runaway beast that has become your novel?  How do you narrow it down to just good ideas?  What if all of the ideas you are getting are good?

Holly and I (host, Rebecca Galardo) discuss the topic of the ever-expanding and growing middle and how you can narrow your focus, what to prioritize on and what you can do with the extra ideas.  We also explain why it's a good thing to keep your book lean versus following every thread down each and every path.

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