August 21, 2018

The Story Brainstorming Workshop - Part Two

PART TWO: This experimental episode covers the closing up of the brainstorming.  Author/Teacher Holly Lisle walks host and writer Rebecca Galardo through the consult phase of the session.  Remember that when it comes to brainstorming you can go back and forth and falter.  The purpose of the consulting author is to help guide and act as a tether, helping their fellow writer find their way through the story and uncover gems.

As with Part One, feel free to play along with free worksheets, downloadable immediately from the website (no need to give your email address or any other information). Using these worksheets and working with the Muse (right brain) and Inner Critic (left brain) Holly and Rebecca create story fragments from scratch.  If you want to try what Holly now calls 'The Ball and The Wall' Technique, we will have the rules available as a download as well.

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