We invite you to cozy on up to your listening devices for this spoooooooky, extra special episode!  Ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves and more!  Oh my!

Writers and listeners of the podcast have given us some wonderful and entertaining stories to behold!  Using Holly's Free 'How to Write Flash Fiction that Doesn't Suck' course, they've submitted their Halloween-themed stories.

Just under 30 tales of the macabre, scary, goofy, quirky, sad and funny!! There is a story for everyone in this batch.  All in bite size, delectable chunks, just like your favorite pieces of Halloween candy! So carve out sometime on All Hallow's Eve to feast on candy & these stories!

October 30, 2018

Writing Better Description

This week I, (host Rebecca Galardo), discuss the topic of Writing Better Description with Author and Teacher Holly Lisle. We cover the issues many writers face with this topic, such as description that is: boring, too long, too detailed, unnecessary, etc.  We also discuss the most common questions,  "What do I need to include?" and "How do I know when I have the right amount of description?"


Holly provides a very clear set of questions for yourself and actions that can help guide you through writing better description by knowing what is integral in each scene.

This week we're changing things up! Today, I (Rebecca) am in the hotseat and Holly discusses with me the topic chosen by a listener: fan fiction and how to make the move over to original fiction.

A decent portion of us start off with fan fiction - or move into it early on while building our skillset - and are thrilled with the results. If your goal is to break away, the pros of writing fan fiction can make getting out difficult.  It was my goal to write my own fiction and hopefully the discussion of what I did to begin creating original work will help you build your own path.

Even if you have never written a word of fan fiction I believe this episode could still be of service to you.

October 16, 2018

Plotting VS Pantsing

I, (host Rebecca Galardo), discuss the topic of Plotting VS Pantsing with Author and Teacher Holly Lisle. We cover the pros and cons of both Plotting and Pantsing, why a balance of both is most likely your best bet, and how to find that balance. 

Many of us struggle with getting our ideas down and knowing how much plotting is enough. When too little leaves us stranded, and when too much kills the story before we've started it, it’s important to find YOUR right amount. Holly has a few answers that might just help you out.

October 9, 2018

The Scene Building Workshop

In another experimental episode, Author/Teacher Holly Lisle walks the listener, and the host … me - Rebecca Galardo - through a scene building workshop.  She'll define what a scene is for us and guide us through creating a good scene every time.  Play along: all you need is a pen and paper! Using the right questions, Holly and I create scenes from scratch for stories we now both want to tell.

In this episode, host Rebecca Galardo and author and teacher Holly Lisle discuss a place we’ve all been — discovering that you hate something you’ve written. 

We uncover the reasons for this torment, show you where to find the issues in the work and what options you have to understand and fix what broke, or to learn how to use this wreck to prevent future wrecks.